Meet our scientists: Assumpta Parreño

Assumpta Parreño

Assumpta and Alba

Assumpta Parreño is a nuclear physicist, vice dean of our Institute and a professor of the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona. Assumpta shows Alba what she researches.

Assumpta talks to Alba about her research, focused on understanding the world around us through the dynamics between the smallest known particles in our Universe. She primarily researches the fundamental blocks that build the matter, known as quarks and gluons. Alba loves nature, handball, cooking and crafts. She would like to find the cures for cancer, but she would also like to become a cook or a fashion designer.  

Assumpta is a member of the research group in hadronic, atomic and nuclear physics at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences. Her group studies the basic properties of atomic nuclei and the interactions involving hadrons and nuclei. Assumpta’s research interests also include the description of weak interaction processes responsible for the decay of hypernuclei, exotic nuclei composed of neutrons, protons and their strange extensions, hyperons.


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