Constellations in 3D

In the project Constellations in 3D you will find a virtual tour of the galaxy by Gaia, and how to buil the Orion constellation in three dimensions. You will be able to see, through the Gaia's virtual reality program, what it is like to travel through our galaxy. Plus, you can discover what constellations look like when changing perspectives. 


Gaia: The Galaxy in 3D

The "Gaia: The Galaxy in 3D" workshop is a virtual tour where visitors will be able to see various materials and activities related to the mapping of the sky and the measurement of stellar distances, particularly the Gaia mission, a project of the European Space Agency in which the UB has a very relevant role. The highlight of the workshop will be Gaia's virtual reality program that will allow participants to virtually travel through our Galaxy. This program has been prepared using data that the Gaia mission has been collecting since its inception.


3D Constellations: Orion

In this activity, guided by researchers from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, we will build the Orion constellation in three dimensions, taking into account both the position and the distance of the stars that form it. Once assembled, each assistant will record a space trip around Orion, observing it from different perspectives.