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15th Science Fest of the city of Barcelona

Assumpta Parreño, ICCUB
Arnau Ríos, ICCUB
Eduard Masana, ICCUB-IEEC
Arnau Aguasca, ICCUB
Daniel Marín, ICCUB
Íñigo Asiáin, ICCUB
Vincent Matthieu, ICCUB
Juan Torres, ICCUB
Antonio Márquez, ICCUB
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The Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB) will participate in the 15th Science Fest of the city of Barcelona, which will take place at the Rambla del Raval on the days 28 and 29 of May 2022. This science gathering will offer attendants 190 activities related to science, technology, knowledge and culture, spread around several spaces and with the objective of bringing the research carried out in Barcelona closer to its citizens.

The science fest brings us a weekend full of free, attractive activities thought out for all audiences. The attendants will have the opportunity to peek into a number of scientific fields in very different formats: workshops, debates, performances or microtalks. The fest will be open to the public Saturday, May 28 from 11h to 21h and Sunday, May 29, from 11h to 20h.

This year, some of our proposals target specific topics contemplated in the International Years of 2022 to raise awareness and focus on sustainable development as well as current hot topics in many fields (experimental sciences, social sciences, humanities and arts):

  • Environment
  • Medicine and health
  • Space exploration
  • Numbers
  • Nanotechnology
  • Robots and artificial intelligence
  • Makers
  • Scientific Illustration/scientific comics
  • Women and science
  • Arts and science

The ICCUB is bringing three interactive workshops to the programme so attendants can learn physics in a hands-on, experimental way.


This workshop consists on running a series of computer simulations of a number of experiments where matter’s quantum properties are manifest. Discover the most intriguing phenomena of quantum mechanics such as the tunnel effect, Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle or the double-slit experiment by playing with our quantum systems simulations.

When? Saturday, May 28 at 4 PM (two sessions of 45’)

Where? Rambla del Raval

By Bruno Juliá

More information here.



The main character of this workshop is the strong nuclear force, which keeps the particles and subparticles that form matter bound together. Using dynamic puzzles, you will get a very visual understanding of the laws that combine these particles at the scale of atomic nuclei, protons and neutrons and at the scale of their subparticles, the quarks.

When? Saturday, May 28 at 4:45 PM (two sessions of 45’)

 Where? Rambla del Raval

By Assumpta Parreño, Arnau Ríos, Vincent Matthieu, Juan Torres, Íñigo Asiáin, Àngels Ramos and Antonio Márquez (Institut de Ciències del Cosmos de la Universitat de Barcelona)

More information here.



In this workshop, we will build the Orion constellation taking into account the position and distance to the stars that form it. Once we have built it, each attendant will record a space travel around Orion observing it from different perspectives.

When? Saturday, May 28 at 11:05 AM

Where? Rambla del Raval

By Eduard Masana, Arnau Aguasca and Daniel Marín

More information here.


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Workshops & fairs

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