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The ICCUB will participate in the 27th Science Week of the FCRI

27a Setmana de la Ciència de la FCRI
Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Investigació (FCRI)
Assumpta Parreño, ICCUB
Arnau Ríos, ICCUB
Íñigo Asiáin, ICCUB
Vincent Mathieu, ICCUB
Juan Torres, ICCUB
Antonio Márquez, ICCUB
Cristian Moreno, ICCUB
Bruno Julià, ICCUB
Francesc Sabater, Estudiant Facultat de Física UB
Open to all

The Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB will participate in the 27th Science Week from November 11th to 20th with various activities and talks. Below you will find our program with all the proposals:



The protagonist of this activity is the strong nuclear force, which is responsible for holding together the particles and subparticles that make up the nuclei of atoms. Through dynamic and fun puzzles, we will get a better understanding of the laws that allow these particles to combine both on the scale of atomic nuclei with protons and neutrons and on the scale of the subparticles that make them up, the quarks.

By Assumpta Parreño, Arnau Ríos, Vincent Mathieu, Juan Torres, Íñigo Asiáin and Antonio Márquez (Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona)

1st session: Tuesday November 15 from 5pm to 7pm at Casal de Barri La Verneda. Registrations here.

2nd session: Wednesday, November 23 from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm in the Valls Areny Room of the Mirador Building, Castellar del Vallès

Recommended age: from 10 years on



The darkness that can be seen on a moonless night reminds us of the distance to the other stars and objects in the Universe. Darkness is not only limited to the absence of light, it can also refer to the inability of the human mind to provide answers to the big questions. In this talk we will take a look at the history of cosmology. We will begin with the first ideas to explain the night sky in the past and end in the present day, where the dynamics of the Universe and its final destiny seem to be dominated by a mysterious entity, Dark Energy.

By Cristian Moreno (ICCUB)

When? Wednesday November 16 from 7pm to 8:30pm

Where? Ramon Fernández Jurado public library, Castelldefels

General public



The workshop consists of a set of computer simulations of various experiments in which the quantum properties of matter are revealed. Discover the most surprising phenomena of quantum mechanics, such as the tunnel effect, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle or the double slit experiment, by playing with our simulations of quantum systems.

By Bruno Juliá and Francesc Sabater

1st session: Wednesday, November 16th from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Vil·la Urània Civic Centre

2nd session: Thursday, November 17th from 6pm to 7.30pm at the Casa Sagnier Youth Centre

Recommended age: from 16 years on


In this talk we will review the scientific method and its application to everyday life, with the aim of discarding myths and pseudosciences.
By Xavi Luri (ICCUB-IEEC)
When? Wednesday November 16 at 8:15am
Where? Menéndez and Pelayo Institute (Barcelona)


The brightness of the sky comes from the light of the Sun, and although the Sun is rather yellowish in color, the sky is blue. Why? What makes the sky look a little more reddish at dusk or dawn? How would the colour of the sky change if our atmosphere had a different composition? What would we see if we lived on Venus or Mars? These are the questions we will answer in this talk.
By Carme Jordi (ICCUB-IEEC)
When? Wednesday 16 November at 1pm
Where? Menéndez y Pelayo Institute (Barcelona)


Everything that we see or touch does not represent more than 4% of the energy and matter contained in the universe. The rest is the "dark" content: dark matter and dark energy. The session will focus on dark energy and we will seek the answer to several questions. What is cosmology? What evidence or measures do we have of its existence? What does a theoretical physicist do? What is dark energy and what is its relationship to the fate and history of the universe? What theoretical tools do we use to study it?
By Cristian Moreno (ICCUB)
When? Friday, November 18 at 9am
Where? INS Miquel Tarradell (Barcelona)


The night sky is full of spectacular images that catch our eye and make our imagination run wild. However, there is much more out there than meets the eye, much more to discover. The traveling exhibition "Journey to the Dark Universe" invites us to a journey through the fascinating frontiers of cosmology and gravity, ranging from dark matter and dark energy, to black holes and gravitational waves.
When? From Monday 21 to Friday 25 November, from 9am to 8pm
Where? Espai Sales of the Mirador Building, Castellar del Vallès


It is highly unlikely that life exists only on our planet, whether in the form of simple single-celled microorganisms or highly complex and intelligent beings. This argument emanates from the Copernican Principle or principle of mediocrity.
In this talk we will review the main ideas about the existence of extraterrestrial life from various scientific fields, presenting arguments based on knowledge and reason, however limited they may be, and avoiding speculation.

By Josep Maria Solanes (ICCUB)
When? Wednesday 23 November at 8pm
Where? Assembly Hall, Mirador Building, Castellar del Vallès
General public

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