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The recognition of women, the black hole of astronomy

Carme Jordi, ICCUB-IEEC
Francesca Figueras, ICCUB [IEEC-UB]

The first program of "Women and the Days" is dedicated to women and astronomy. In the first part of the program Carme Jordi, astronomer at the ICCUB working on the Gaia Mission of the European Space Agency, talks about her scientific career and Gaia.

Francesca Figueras is the first female president of the Spanish Society of Astronomy and researcher at the ICCUB in the Gaia mission. In the final part of the program, she speaks about a group of women who measured the stars from the Harvard Observatory in the nineteenth century and who did not have the recognition they deserved considering the importance of their discoveries, the so-called «calculators of Harvard ».

Margalida Capellà, professor of Greek at IES Premià de Mar, in the second interview of the program, discovers the stories of harassment and contempt towards women in the myths that explain stars and constellations.

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Francesca Figueras Siñol, astrofísica i investigadora de l'Institut de Ciències del Cosmos de la UB (ICCUB)
Francesca Figueras at the radio programme La Nit dels Ignorants: "The probability of receiving a sign of life is very low"

After many years of sending messages into outer space, have we received any response? What is the probability of receiving a signal or response from another planet? Francesca Figueras Siñol, astrophysicist and researcher at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB (ICCUB) delves into this great question in the Catalan radio program La Nit dels Ignorants of Catalunya Ràdio last Wednesday, September 14.

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