Institute of Cosmos Sciences at Saló de l'ensenyament 2019

Particle Physics

The workshops "Gaia: la galàxia en 3D" and "Simulacions de mecànica quàntica" will represent the Institute of Cosmos Sciences and the Department of Quantum Physics and Astrophysics of the University of Barcelona in this year's edition of the Saló de l'ensenyament celebrated from March 20 to 24 in the Fira de Montjuïc. These two workshops will be held at the stand that La UB Divulga has in the Espai Ciència of the Saló.

Espai Ciència is an initiative of the Fundació Catalana per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRi) with the collaboration of Fira Barcelona. It started in 2009, in the Saló de l'ensenyament of Fira Barcelona, with the aim of motivating young people for scientific studies and publicizing the research and innovation that takes place in universities and centers of research in Catalonia. Since the first edition, more than 180,000 young people have passed through this space. The 2019 edition is the sixth consecutive year in which the University of Barcelona participates in the Science Space.


Workshop "Simulations of Quantum Mechanics"

Date: Wednesday 20th March, from 9 to 14

This workshop will show various materials and activities related to mapping the sky and measuring stellar distances, and in particular those used in Gaia, a mission of the European Space Agency that has a relevant UB participation.


Workshop "Gaia: the Gallaxy in 3D"

Date: Thursday 21th March, from 9 to 14

The workshop consists of computer simulations of several experiments in which the quantum properties of matter are revealed. For example, the simulation of the movement of a set of ultra-cold atoms trapped in a potential well (analogous with the movement of a pendulum), the simulation of the movement of a soliton of anatomic gas at 0 K, and the simulation of a quantum Newton pendulum.

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