Presentation of the App “Saved by the Paradox”

Gabriel Linares (Física UB)
Gabriel Linares - Física UB
Bruno Julià - ICCUB
Carles Calero - IN2UB
Open to all

We are very pleased to invite you to the presentation of the new phone App “Saved by the Paradox” next Tuesday, February 22 at the Sala de Graus Eduard Fontserè of the Physics Faculty.

The creator of the app is the Physics Degree student Gabriel Linares, who developed the underlying code in an internship with the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB under the supervision of researchers Bruno Julià (ICCUB) and Carles Calero (IN2UB).

Each semester, students have the chance of doing an internship with a UB Lab project (Quantum UB Lab, UltraCold UB Lab and Classical UB Lab), coordinated by Bruno Julià. Their methodology consists in the elaboration of software for scientific outreach such as games, simulations, apps… In this link, you can check out other projects done in Classical UB Lab.

In this game, the user controls a door that separates two chambers with a gas. As the individual gas particles approach the door, the player has to open and close it quickly to allow only fast particles to pass in one direction and only those that move slowly in the other. In doing so, the player creates a temperature imbalance between the two chambers (and a decrease in gas entropy!).

This imbalance is then used as a source of energy to drive a car. The car has to reach the finish line on a road full of obstacles — tombs and barrels that slow down — and prizes — rubies — before the Monster catches it!

Here you can find all the logistic details of the presentation:



By Gabriel Linares (Physics, UB), Bruno Julià (ICCUB) and Carles Calero (IN2UB)

When? Tuesday, February 22 at 2:30 PM

Where? Sala de Graus Eduard Fontserè, Physics Faculty

No prior registration necessary. Open to all audiences, degree and masters students and researchers.


Quantum UB Lab

This project develops programs specifically designed to bring quantum physics phenomena to a heterogeneous audience. In recent years, Quantum Technologies research is receiving a strong global push. These technologies will allow in a near future to use aspects of quantum mechanics to improve our computing capacity, to solve complex problems or even to improve our communications. The material developed in this project aims to bring this quantum physics to the citizen.

UltraCold UB Lab

The main goal of this project is to build interactive codes to play with quasi-one-dimensional Bose-Einstein condensates by pinning dark and bright solitons.

- Module of quantum mechanics. To exemplify some aspects of quantum mechanics

- Bright solitons module. Allows the user to play with bright solitons contracted in a condensation Bose-Einstein 1D

- Dark solitons module. It allows the user to play with a dark soliton contracted in a condensation Bose-Einstein 1D

Classical UB Lab

The project started in 2019, and it aims to develop programs specifically focused on bringing the phenomena of classical physics closer to the general public. It focuses specifically on molecular dynamics simulations, to reveal the concepts of temperature and entropy. Simulations allow the study of phenomena such as thermalization between two gases or the evolution of entropy in a dynamic simulation in real-time.