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Camins Infinits: Cristian Moreno at IES Castelló d'Empúries

Camins Infinits: Cristian Moreno a l'IES Castelló d'Empúries
Cristian Moreno, ICCUB
Secondary School

Summary of the session

Everything that we are able to see or touch does not represent more than 4% of the energy and matter contained in the universe. The rest is the "dark" content: dark matter and dark energy. The session will focus on dark energy and we will seek the answer to several questions. What is cosmology? What evidence or measures do we have of its existence? What does a theoretical physicist do? What is dark energy and what is its relationship to the fate and history of the universe? What theoretical tools do we use to study it?

About the author

I have been interested in physics and science since I was very young. This led me to study the double degree in Mathematics and Physics at the University of Barcelona. Then, I continued with the master's degree in Particle Physics and Cosmology at the UB. I am currently pursuing a PhD in dark energy cosmology. My goal is to study the evolution of this mysterious component and try to understand its relationship with the past and future of the universe.

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