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Dark Energy and the fate of the Universe

Cristian Moreno, ICCUB
Cristian Moreno, ICCUB
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Cosmology, Dark Energy, Inflation... These concepts are on the order of the day in scientific research buy oftentimes we don’t really know what they mean. The PhD Student Cristian Moreno will offer the outreach talk “Dark Energy” to the students of the High School El Joncar to change that.

This talk is part of the Camins Infinits project, an initiative of the University of Barcelona with the goal of providing answers to the questions that kids and teenagers have about the world of research.

Here you can find all the details about the event:


Everything we can see or touch doesn't represent more than 4% of the energy and matter existing in the Universe. The rest of its contents are "dark": dark energy and dark matter. Today's talk will focus on dark energy and the search for answers to a number of questions: What is cosmology? What evidence or measures do we have of its existence? What does a theoretical physicist do? What is dark energy and how is it related to the history and fate of the Universe? Which theoretical tools do we use to study it?

When? May 13 at 8 AM

Where? High School El Joncar (Barcelona)


About Cristian Moreno

Since I was a kid, I've been fascinated by physics and science. This led me to study the double-degree in mathematics and physics at the University of Barcelona. I then decided to continue my studies with the Astrophysics and Particle Physics Master's Degree at the UB. Presently, I am doing a doctorate in cosmology and dark energy. My main goal is to study the evolution of this mysterious component and try to understand its relation to the past and future of our Universe.


Camins Infinits

What makes a person decide to join the science world? What is the path of a scientist? Do people really know who and how scientists are? Do they all work in a lab? The answers are so diverse and varied as the knowledge areas.

Camins Infinits wants to provide answers to the questions that kids and young adults have about the world of research. This project wants to bring students and young researchers of the University of Barcelona closer with two goals in mind: to foster the social interest in science and knowledge and to improve the communication skills of young researchers.

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