Solar Eclipse

Total Sun eclipse (March 20, 2015)

Type of Phenomenon
Solar Eclipse


A Partial Eclipse from Catalonia (over 65% depending on the place of observation)

The Total Solar Eclipse will be visible from Svalbard and the Faroe Islands. Will partially eclipse from Iceland, Europe, Asia and North East and West Africa.

On Friday 20 March 2015 will be a Total Solar Eclipse visible from Catalonia as partial. The eclipse will begin its journey to the North Atlantic and advance, culminating on the Faroe Islands and then going to Svalbard. In the rest of Europe will be a partial eclipse. In Iceland, Scotland and Norway partiallity will be higher than 90%.

From the Iberian Peninsula the best position to observe it is the northwest, where you can reach 76% of ocultation.

The table below specifies the time of beginning, maximum and end of the eclipse, as well as the magnitude and obscuration at maximum, for the main Spanish cities.

Always remember watching the sun without taking appropriate precautions may cause serious eye injuries that can even lead to permanent loss of vision.


Map of the Eclipse

Mapa de l'eclipsi
  • Eliptic conjugation at  09:36:10.6 TU
  • Greatest Eclipse at 09:45:39.2 TU
  • Eclipse Magnitud: 1.0446 ; Gamma: 0.9454
  • Saros Series: 120 ; Member: 61 de 71


Circumstances of the Greatest Eclipse:

  • Coordinates: 64º25.9'N 06º38.8'W
  • Altitud of the sun: 18.5º ; Azimut of the sun: 135.0º
  • Path Width: 462.6 Km ; Duration: 02m 46.9s


Contacts of umbra

  • Contact I: Starting partiality. The disc of the Moon is externally tangent to the Sun.
    • I = 09:09:32.7 TU
  • Contact II: Starting totality. The disc of the Moon is internally tangent to the disc of the Sun.
    • II = 09:16:12.2 TU
  • Contact III: End of totality. The disc of the moon is internally tangent again . But to the other side.
    • III = 10:14:43.6 TU
  • Contact IV: End of partiality. The disc of the moon is externally tangent again. But to the other side.
    • IV =10:21:22.3 TU


The eclipse over the world

You can find the characteristics of the eclipse anywhere in the world in this link


The eclipse in the Iberian Peninsula

we show the crucial hours, the magnitude and the obscuration of the eclipsein the Iberic Peninsula

City Begining Maximum End Magnitude Obscuration
A Coruña 09:06:17 09:09:26 11:17:54 0.802 76.0
Lleida 09:10:03 10:15:26 11:25:59 0.717 65.3
Girona 09:12:36 10:18:36 11:29:34 0.706 64.1
Tarragona 09:09:56 10:15:18 11:25:51 0.704 63.7
Barcelona 09:11:10 10:16:50 11:27:36 0.701 63.4
Almería 09:01:06 10:03:56 11:12:25 0.654 57.6



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