Released "Iluminando el lado oscuro del universo", a book by Roberto Emparan

R. Emparan's new book
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The book "Iluminando el lado oscuro del universo" by Roberto Emparan has been released. The discovery of gravitational waves - the peculiar sound of two black holes colliding and merging - will change our way of imagining the universe: from now on we will hear their soundtrack. What does this historical finding mean, and how have we reached it?

TitleIluminando el lado oscuro del universo. Agujeros negros, ondas gravitatorias y otras melodías de Einstein

Author: Roberto Emparan (ICREA-ICCUB)

Release: 06/02/2018

Press: Ariel. Book 

Language: spanish



About the author

Roberto Emparan is an ICREA researcher at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona, is one of our most internationally recognized physicists in the field of gravity, black holes and superstring theories. His research focuses on the study of gravity, the structure of space-time, and black holes, in both classical and quantum aspects. He has published nearly 100 research articles and taught over 150 invited talks and lectures on black holes, string theory, and cosmology.


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