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Roberto Emparan converses about the wormholes and time travelling

Roberto Emparan, ICREA-ICCUB

Roberto Emparan presented in Chile his theory of the wormholes as a shortcut in space. "Imagine you are a worm, living on an apple, and you want to go to the other side of this apple. The first way, the longest, would be to border the apple, but other way would be to tunnel through the centre and cross it. This would be the hole". 

In this way, the theoric physicist, Roberto Emparan, tries to explain which has been occupied during the last time and that could mean the possibility of travelling to the past: wormholes.

About the Author

Roberto Emparan is an ICREA researcher at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona, ​​he is one of our most internationally recognized physicists in the field of gravity, black holes and superchord theories. His research focuses on the study of gravity, the structure of space-time, and black holes, in both classical and quantum aspects. He has published nearly 100 research articles and taught over 150 invited talks and lectures on black holes, string theory, and cosmology.

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Roberto Emparan, ICREA-ICCUB
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