ICCUB’s PhD Student Mar Carretero could be the new lead of the CientifiKs en Joc videogame

V concurs escolar CientifiKs en Joc
Departament de Recerca i Universitats, Generalitat de Catalunya

Institute of Cosmos Sciences PhD Student, Mar Carretero, has been selected by the school La Forja of Alpens as the leading character of a videogame proposal that the school students will design and submit to the contest CientifiKs En Joc.

CientifiKs en Joc is a virtual educational programme from the Department of Research and Universities of the Catalan Government whose objective is to bring science closer to schools and specially, increase the visibility of female researchers that can encourage new generations of girls in STEM fields. During the school year, the participants will have to design a videogame about an active, female Catalan researcher to work on a specific topic from the different perspective that the research carried out in Catalonia offers. During the creative process, the students will have to design the characters and the challenges that they will face, the ambience, the aesthetics… All with the guidance of their chosen scientist.

In this year’s edition, the central topic of the videogames is Climate Emergency and the students of the School La Forja have chosen Mar as the leading character of their proposal. Mar’s field of research is High Energy Astrophysics so she and the class have decided to approach the central topic from the perspective of exoplanets, to see the characteristics of the planets outside our Solar System and understand how life would be on them. The goal is to put a focus on the importance of taking care of our planet.

21 schools have entered this year’s contest and will present their proposals with different Catalan female scientists as leading characters. The winning school will get the opportunity of having their videogame programmed and so, they will be able to play at their own creation!

You have all the information regarding the contest available on their website, where you can also check out the videogames from past editions.

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