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What galaxies are hiding in the universe?

Galaxia ultra difusa fotografiada por el telescopio espacial Hubble (NASA/ESA)
Anna Farré-Mateu, ICCUB

Article in the newspaper La Vanguardia about the research of the astrophysicist Anna Farré-Mateu in the Cosmos Science Institute of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB, in Catalan), in the scholarship program "Junior Leader de la Caixa".

The research of Anna Ferré-Mateu focuses on the detection of little luminous galaxies impossible to found until now.

About the author

Anna Ferré-Mateu is an astronomer and "La Caixa" postdoctoral researcher at our institute, where she is one of the members of the Galaxy Structure and Evolution research group. The group’s researchers study both galactic astronomy – inside the Milky Way- and extragalactic astronomy – beyond the Milky Way. This includes a large array of objects ranging from dwarf galaxies, quasars and clusters of galaxies, and spanning the last 13 billion years of the history of the Universe. The research in extragalactic astronomy includes the modelling of galaxy’s formation processes, the study of intergalactic matter and making predictions based on analytical models.


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