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The first instants of the Universe

Ciència Imprescindible
Interview to
Xavier Luri, ICCUB [IEEC-UB]

“The first instants of the Universe”. This is the name of the fifth episode of the podcast “Ciència Imprescidible” in which the director of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB-IEEC), Xavi Luri, offered an interview last Friday, January 17.

In this episode, Dr. Luri tells us about the research that is carried out at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, while putting special emphasis on the Gaia space mission. In his own words, “Gaia has been a game changer in Astrophysics. Many of its branches are using Gaia’s data which due to its volume of to its quality, have opened the door to do things which before were simply impossible”.

Besides trying to give an answer to the most fundamental questions we can ask about our Universe, such as its origin and evolution, in this episode you will also find recommendations of series, books and Youtube channels to fulfil your scientific curiosity!

Don’t miss the full episode here.


About the author

Xavier Luri is a professor at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona, ​​and director of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences. He is part of Gaia's research group at the ICCUB, where he researches on the processing and analysis of Gaia's data, and also on the design and implementation of mission archive operations. In orbit since 2013, the mission of the European Space Agency Gaia aims to make a detailed map of our galaxy. You can read the latest news on Latest of Gaia

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