Collide Info Day

Collide Info Day
Xavier Luri, ICCUB [IEEC-UB]
Open to all

An online informative session about the Collide Award, an initiative to strengthen the relationship between science and arts.

Collide Info Day is an informative session about the Collide Award, organized as part of the collaborative framework between CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research in Geneva, the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona and the Barcelona City Council. The appointment is on November 13 at 4 pm and it will be celebrated online.

Collide invites artists across all creative disciplines and nationalities to apply for a research-led residency at CERN, and at various research centres in Barcelona, that will be hosted at Hangar Centre for Art Research and Production. The programme is targeted at artists with a strong motivation for scientific thinking and for interacting with the extraordinary CERN community.

Join the Collide Info Day to listen to the Collide team, which is formed by scientists from CERN and Barcelona. Moreover a former artist that was given last year’s Collide Award will also be attending the meeting and will explain his experience. The participants will introduce how the residencies work at Geneva and Barcelona, the involved scientific institutions, the terms and conditions of the call, and how to imagine significant dialogues between artists and scientists.

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About the speaker:

Xavier Luri is a professor at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Barcelona, ​​and director of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences. He is part of Gaia's research group at the ICCUB, where he researches on the processing and analysis of Gaia's data, and also on the design and implementation of mission archive operations. In orbit since 2013, the mission of the European Space Agency Gaia aims to make a detailed map of our galaxy. You can read the latest news on Latest of Gaia.   



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