Eclipsi 2.0

Eduard Masana, ICCUB
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Eclipse 2.0 is the new version of Eclipse Calculator, released in December 2012. Now, with a lot of new features.

This is an application to compute and simulate astronomical events. A tool for astronomy lovers that allows to know in a simple way the general and local circumstances for solar and lunar eclipses and planetary transits.

Eclipse is an app created by Eduard Masana, researcher of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, ICCUB (IEEC-UB), and a member of the Departmenet of Quantum Physics an Astrophysics.

Application Characteristics

  • Access to data of all solar and lunar eclipses and planetary transits between 1900 and 2100.
  • Computation of general circumstances of the phenomenon, including global visibility maps.
  • Computation of the local circumstances of the phenomenon for any place in the world (beginning, end, duration, altitude of the Sun or Moon above the horizon, ...)
  • Simulation of the phenomenon from your observational point.
  • Choice of observing place from a database, manually or from the GPS coordinates.


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About the author

Eduard Masana is an astronomer and researcher of the Gaia group at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona and a member of the Institute of Space Studies of Catalonia. In recent years, he has developed the Gaia GASS simulator and his research is focused on determining stellar physical parameters from photometric data. Masana also participates in several outreach activities, giving talks to the general públic and organizing astronomical observations. He is the creator of the Eclipse 2.0 application for calculating eclipses and planetary transits. His outreach activity places a particular emphasis on Gaia, with the aim of making the mission known to the general public, students or astronomy fans. He is also a member of the editorial board of the Gaiaverse outreach portal.

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Lunar Eclipse
Total Moon eclipse (June 15, 2011)
El dimecres 15 de juny de 2011 es produirà un eclipsi total de lluna des de tota la Península Ibèrica, les Illes Balears i Canàries la Lluna sortirà ja totalment eclipsada
Solar Eclipse
Eclipsi total de Sol (1 d'agost de 2008)
El divendres 1 d'agost de 2008 es produirà un eclipsi total de Sol que serà visible en una franja que travessarà la meitat del planeta.

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Poster created with the graphic material of the total Moon eclipse of the 2015