Solar Eclipse

Partial Solar eclipse (January 4, 2011)

Type of Phenomenon
Solar Eclipse

On Tuesday, January 4, 2011, a partial solar eclipse will be visible from all over the Iberian peninsula. In addition, the eclipse will be visible, always as partial, from Europe, half North Africa, the Middle East and the west of Asia. The maximum magnitude of the eclipse is 0.8576, which means that the moon will cover 85.76% of the diameter of the sun.

In Catalonia and in the rest of Spain, the sun will rise partially eclipsed. The east of the peninsula will be the most favourable zone to observe the eclipse.

On the following table, you can see the sunrise time, the magnitude in this moment, the time, the magnitude and the position of the Sun in the maximum of the eclipse, and the end of the eclipse.


Remember that you must observe the Sun with the correct protection. To wach, the sun without it may cause severe eye damage


The following table shows the eclipsi data in each provinde capital:

  Sunrise time (UT) Magnitude of sun at sunrise Maximum Time (UT) Magnitude et maximum high of sun at maximun (degrees) End of eclipse (UT) High of the sun at the end (degrees)
Barcelona 7h 19m 0.380 7h 58m 0.633 5.4 9h 18m 16.1
Girona 7h 19m 0.367 7h 59m 0.646 5.7 9h 20m 16.2
Lleida 7h 26m 0.453 7h 57m 0.626 4.2 9h 15m 14.9
Tarragona 7h 22m 0.413 7h 57m 0.623 4.9 9h 15m 15.6


To obtain the civil hour you must to sum 1 hour at UT.


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