The ICCUB organizes the children's drawing contest «Dibuixa el teu Asteroide!» to celebrate Asteroid Day 2021

Cartell Concurs «Dibuixa el teu Asteroide!»
Eduard Masana, ICCUB-IEEC
Toni Santana-Ros , ICCUB-UA
Lola Balaguer, ICCUB-IEEC
Primary School


The Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB in collaboration with the University of Alacant, have organized the children's drawing contest «Dibuixa el teu Asteroide!» to celebrate Asteroid Day today, June 30.


Asteroid Day is an initiative of the United Nations with the objective of spreading awareness about the risks and opportunities that these celestial bodies present. During this day, more that 192 countries organize activities of every kind. If you are curious about the programme you can check it out here.


The ICCUB will participate in this remarkable event with a children's drawing contest to engage the boys and girls from Catalonia and the Comunitat Valenciana to create artistic representations of asteroids during the summer. The drawings must be as original as possible and need to fall in one of the following categories:

1.    ESA's Planetary Defence mission, the HERA mission.

2.    Major impacts on Earth

3.    Trojan Asteroids

4.    Near-Earth-Asteroids


This is the ideal way to encourage children to develop an interest on the topic, learn more abou asteroids and put their artistic skills to the test. The winning drawings will receive as a prize a 3D-printed model of Asteroid 433 Eros, that was visited by NASA's probe NEAR-Shoemaker. Also, all the participants will receive an official certificate as collaborators of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB.


The drawings will be evaluated by a jury of experts formed by three members of the ICCUB: Toni Santana-Ros, Lola Balaguer and Eduard Masana. They will choose the most original and scientifically-accurate drawings.

Some important dates of the contest are:

  • Registrations: June 30 (Asteroid Day) to July 14 (both included)
  • Participant selection: July 15 to July 19
  • Drawing time span: July 20 to September 1
  • Award announcement: September 6


You can find the rules of the contest and the registration form on the following website. If you participate, remember that the contest's tag is #DibuixaElTeuAsteroide. Don't hesitate to mention us in your social networks so as to check out the evolution of the art pieces! @ICCUBDivulga  @UBDivulga.


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