Lunar Eclipse

Partial Moon eclipse, July 16, 2019

Lunar Eclipse 16/07/2019
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Lunar Eclipse

On July 16, 2019 a Partial Lunar Eclipse will occur with a 0.653 umbra magnitude . The maximum of the eclipse will be at 21:30 pm TU and the event will end at 00:17 TU.

Lunar eclipses are celestial phenomena visible from a wide geographical area. There are different types: most impressive are Total Eclipses, when the Moon gets completely covered by the shadow of the Earth taking a reddish hue; a little bit less spectacular are the Partial ones which take place when the Moon enters only partly in the shadow of the Earth, they are seen with one part of the disk darkened and the other part still illuminated; and the most subtle ones are the penumbral eclipses, when only a slight darkening of the disk can be appreciated.

The last Total Lunar Eclipse we could see was on January 21, 2019, the next one will be 26 May 2021, but we will have to wait until 16 May 2022 to be able to observe one from the Iberian Peninsula.


The eclipse of July 16 will be visible from South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The phenomenon can be seen from the Peninsula where the Moon will rise in the penumbral phase. In Barcelona it will rise at 21:22 official time (19:22 TU), in Madrid at 21:43 official time (19:43 TU).

The eclipse maximum will occur at 21:30 TU and the event will end at 0:17 TU.

You can consult the specific circumstances of the eclipse for each location in the application Eclipse

This figure (F. Espenak, NASA s GSFC) shows the passage of the Moon through the shadow of the Earth and the zones of visibility of the eclipse.

visibility zones

In this image you can see the visibility zones on the world map.

Note: Add 2 hours to the Universal Time ( UT) in order to obtain the official Time for Spain( UT)

Data calculated with Eclipse2 App

moon's sadow



  1. Eclipse2: App for calculating eclipses & transits
  2. Mr. Eclipse
  3. Eclipses on
  4. NASA-Eclipse

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