Mercè Romero on the local newspaper l’Enllaç about the Catalan nanosatellite Enxaneta

Diari comarcal l'Enllaç

Enriching and pleasant. This are the adjectives used by Anoia’s local newspaper l’Enllaç to describe the participation of the astrophysicist from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, Mercè Romero, last Monday, October 25 at the Aula d’Extensió Universitària per a la Gent Gran de l’Anoia (AUGA).

In a news piece published on the October 28 edition, they relate Dr.Romero’s contribution at the Ateneu Theatre in Igualada, where she discussed the genesis of the catalan nanosatellite Enxaneta, its launch and its scientific mission, while putting emphasis on the connection of the astrophysicist to the city of Igualada.


You can stay tuned to the latest news of this newspaper on their twitter account @LENLLAÇ.

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