ICCUB’s PhD student Toni Bertólez has won the ACCC award for scientific dissemination in Social Networks



The award ceremony is set in the context of the 30th anniversary of the ACCC (Associació Catalana de la Comunicació Científica). These awards are given to projects with a good impact, scientific rigour, gender perspective, innovation, linguistic inclusivity and educational purposes.

In this case, the ACCC has granted the award to Toni Bertólez (Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB) for his outreach project on social networks @delbuitaltot. The aim of his initiative is to create scientific dissemination content in Catalan on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. With this project, Toni wants to reclaim the use of Catalan as a scientific language as well as highlight the quality of the research that is being carried out by young Catalan researchers. In his own words, «Young people have a lot to say about science and in the language of our land».


If you don’t follow him yet, you can do so at @delbuitaltot!

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