Dr. Santiago del Palacio wins the Carlos M. Varsavsky 2020 Prize

Santiago del Palacio


The thesis "Radiación no térmica asociada a estrellas de gran massa", defended by Dr. Santiago del Palacio in 2018 under the direction of the researcher of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences, Prof. Valentí Bosch-Ramón, has been selected by the jury appointed by the Associació Argentina de Astronomía, the organizing body.

The Carlos M. Varsavsky Prize for the best doctoral thesis has a biennial character and has been awarded since 2006. Its aim is to promote and recognize scientific research and academic activity in Argentine astronomy and astrophysics.

The jury highlights the impact that the thesis has had in its area of ​​research with the publication of articles in international journals and scientific meetings. In the thesis of Dr. del Palacio is investigated the nonthermal emission produced in systems with stars of great mass. The aim is to understand the acceleration efficiency of cosmic rays in these systems, under what conditions they are capable of being non-thermal emitters and what are the characteristics of their magnetic fields, managing to combine the observation and theory behind the issuance of these objects.

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