Assumpció Català, a la "Taula periòdica de les Científiques"




Dr. Assumpció Català who was astronomer of the University of Barcelona is one of the scientists chosen to compose "Periodic table of the female scientists" published by the chemical engineer Teresa Valdés-Solís on the platform Naukas.

This original periodic table places the scientists in the different squares grouping them by disciplines and reserves Rare-Earths for Spanish scientists, in words of the author "for precious and unknown (or at least more unknown than they should be)" *. The table was made coinciding with the year 2019 proclaimed by the Organization of the United Nations as The International Year of the Periodic Table.



Assumpció Català i Poch

Assumpció Català i Poch was a professor at the University of Barcelona, a member of the former Department of Astronomy and Meteorology, and the first astronomer numerary professor at the Spanish university, a position he achieved in 1974. He graduated in 1953 to the Mathematics Section of the UB. His doctoral thesis focused on galactic astronomy; in particular, in the study of the movement of the stars of the Milky Way disc. He was a teacher at the UB from 1953 to 1990. His research specialized in the evolution of sunspots, the dynamics of stellar systems and the history of astronomy in Al-Andalus. He worked at the University of Paris VI and was recognized by the Creu Sant Jordi of the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2009. Among his works, we emphasize the publication of the book "Astronomía Esférica y Mecánica Celeste" as a result of the collaboration with JJ of Orús and J. Núñez.

Since March 2016, this astronomer also has given his name to the Assumpció Català Telescope installed in the Observatory-Classroom of the "Centre d'Observació de l'Univers del Parc Astronòmic Montsec, Àger". This is the first telescope with a woman's name in Spain. The exhibition "Telescopi Assumpció Català" was designed on the occasion of its inauguration.

Since April 2018 the interior of Comte Borrell 305 of Barcelona has been named "Jardí d'Assumpció Català".