The biggest tridimensional map of the Univers

eBoss, el mayor mapa de alta precisión para entender el universo
Ani de Anisotropía
Popularisation of Science
Interview to
Héctor Gil, ICCUB

Our researcher Héctor Gil-Marin explains, together with colleagues from other centres and research institutes, the main highlights of the eBOSS Collaboration results. They comment and answer the main questions regarding the bigest tridimensional map of the Univers, which fills in the gaps in our knowledge of the Universe history. The results were published on July, 20, 2020. 


Héctor Gil-Marín  is a "La Caixa" postdoctoral researcher at our institute, and is part of the Cosmology research group. His research is focused on the large-scale structure of the Universe, and he intends to answer one of the most fundamental questions in cosmology for the past 20 years; what is the driving the accelerated expansion of the Universe? Gil-Marín works in the international collaborations of eBOSS and DESI.

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