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Hector Gil on the largest 3D map of the Universe

Interview to
Héctor Gil, ICCUB

How has the expansion of the Universe changed throughout its history?

Héctor Gil is one of the researchers who participated in the elaboration of the largest three-dimensional map of the Universe. Héctor explains in the radio program "Principle of uncertainty" how the map was made, what data was necessary to do it and the meaning and importance of having it.


About the author

Héctor Gil Marín  is a "La Caixa" Junior Leader postdoctoral researcher at our institute, and is part of the Cosmology research group. His research is focused on the large-scale structure of the Universe, and he intends to answer one of the most fundamental questions in cosmology for the past 20 years; what is the driving the accelerated expansion of the Universe? Gil-Marín works in the international collaborations of eBOSS and DESI. He has been awarded the 2020 Young Researcher Award in Theoretical Physics from the Royal Spanish Physics Society and the BBVA Foundation.

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