Astrophysics Origin

Els orígens de l'Astrofísica
Jordi Miralda, ICREA-ICCUB
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Astrophysics began when observations of astronomy could be interpreted according to the physical laws governing the stars and other objects in the Universe. That's how it was understood that the physical laws that explain the phenomena of our earthly life are the same that regulate the celestial phenomena, that we observe in the sky. This forever changed our conception of the Universe and the place in it occupies the Earth. In these discoveries, women scientists go working in astronomy played a major role as soon as they left open a small window of opportunity.


About the author

Jordi Miralda is an ICREA professor, astronomer and scientific director at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences. Doctor in Astrophysics from Princeton University, he returned to Catalonia as an ICREA professor in 2005. His research is mainly focused on the field of theoretical astrophysics, and he tries to give physical explanations about the phenomena that we observe in the universe. Although his interests range from the formation of galaxies to the composition of the Universe, or the formation of massive black holes, in recent years he has focused his efforts on studying the large-scale distribution of intergalactic gas through quasar soundings. Currently, he investigates the techniques that delve into the nature of dark matter.

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