7th International Conference on Artificial Light at Night

Cartell de la Taula Rodona "La Llum Artificial a la Nit"
Dr. Salvador X. Bará
Dra. Carta Estivill
Sr. Fernando Jauregui
Sra. Susana Malón
Salvador J. Ribas
Host Institution
Comité Directiu de l'ALAN
Unión Europea
Consell Comarcal de la Noguera
Pirineos La Nuit
Open to all


The 7th International Conference on Artificial Light at Night will be held from June 15 to June 17 with the aim of spreading awareness of the various implications of light pollution not only in the scientific areas but in all the fields.

The conference was scheduled to happen in Lleida and in Montsec in 2020 but due to the global pandemic it had to be put off. Now that the situation has improved in most countries, the conference can finally happen in a mixed format combining on-site activities with online sessions.

Within the conference's schedule there will be a round table on June 16 at 18h at the Institute of Ilerdenc Studies in Lleida named "Artificial Light at Night, an issue not only for Astronomers". This round table will count with the participation of:

  • Dr. Salvador Bará (University of Santiago de Compostela)
  • Dra. Carla Estivill (director and manager of the R+D Estivill Sueño Foundation)
  • Mr. Fernando Jauregui (technical director of the Pamplona Planetarium and technical coordinator of the project “Pirineos La Nuit”)
  • Mrs. Susana Malón (director of Lumínica Ambiental)
  • Dr. Salvador J. Ribas, director of the Astronomic Park of Montsec, as Moderator.


In this round table, that will have experts in several fields relating to light and light pollution, one will be able to reflect upon the issues that can be produced by exposure to light in night-time hours. The repercussions of light pollution are not limited to astronomy of sky observation but they affect the flora and fauna of a region and the people's health as well. You can follow the round table life-streamed at where you will also be able to pose questions and interact using the chat option. 

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