The ICCUB invites you to the play "Ariadna i el Minotaure"

Ariadna i el Minotaure, Teorema Teatre
Teorema Teatre
Teorema Teatre
Open to all

The Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB organizes, along with the Physics Faculty Equality Committee, the play "Ariadna i el Minotaure" by the company Teorema Teatre and written by Ariadna Chillida Salcedo.

Below you can find the program:

Trigger Warning: Sexual Violence


“Ariadna i el Minotaure” is an original piece that explains how a traumatic experience, in this case, a rape, triggers a series of psychological, physical and social processes that are very often ignored by us as individuals and as a society. They are not part of the conversation, nor are they reflected upon when such a case happens.

Social and moral pressures, fear of the night, men, sex, loss of self-esteem or feelings of guilt are some of the themes that this piece addresses to break the silence that throughout history has been imposed on women to cover up everything that entails a topic as taboo and at the same time as quotidian as rape.

Although the entire work revolves around the theme of rape, and it is made explicit in the piece, it does not aim to focus on the fact itself, but on everything that it entails. The play begins with a post-rape medical examination and from this moment on, the plot builds. Ariadna i el Minotaure invites us to see how the life of a woman who has been sexually harassed changes, especially on a psychological level, although we also talk about the physical consequences that the body remembers.

When? Thursday 17 November at 6pm with a post-function discussion at 7pm

Where? Aula Magna Enric Casassas, Faculty of Physics UB

Free entry, tickets here

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