Josep Manel Carrasco at the República Santboiana

Josep Manel Carrasco a "La República Santboiana"

ICCUB-IEEC’s researcher Josep Manel Carrasco gave an interview at the radio programme “La República Santboiana” (Ràdio Sant Boi) last Wednesday, November 24, where he discussed various astronomical news.

The astronomer is a frequent collaborator of this radio programme and he has contributed numerously to it since he started the collaboration in 2015.

In this issue, Josep Manel went over the latest astronomical news that are currently on the order of the day. He started by discussing the launch of the DART mission, whose scientific objective is to crush into an asteroid and study how its orbit is deviated. He then commented on the TOLIMAN and James Webb Space Telescope missions, which will allow the study of the nearest planets and their atmospheres. After that, the conversation turned to the Kamo’oalewa asteroid, which appears to be a fragment of the Moon that is currently orbiting the Earth. The interview ended with the mention of the 47th anniversary of the Arecibo message sent to the globular clúster M13.

You can listen to the whole programme here.

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ICCUB-IEEC’s researcher Josep Manel Carrasco participates in the Science Space of the radio programme “La República Santboiana” of ràdio Sant Boi last Wednesday, April 20. In the programme, the astronomer talks about the furthest and oldest star known to humankind: Earendel. Its light began its journey when the Universe was merely 900 million years old.

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