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The "Dragon Endeavour"' launch explained at Rac1

Interview to
Josep Manel Carrasco, ICCUB-IEEC

Our astronomer Josep Manel Carrasco explains, in an interview to the radio show "Via Lliure" at Rac1, last Saturday's launch of the spacecraft "Dragon Endeavour", by NASA and SpaceX. Carrasco explains how this public-private collaboration between the NASA and Elon Musk's company was born. He also converses about the purpose of the mission, the knowledge it will add at a scientific level and what it means for the United States to be able to send astronauts into space without the help of the Russians, for the first time in  the past decade.

You can listen to the program at Via Lliure and to the interview via iVoox

Josep Manel Carrasco is a researcher of the Gaia group at the ICCUB, where he works with the photometric and spectrometric calibration of the mission's data, evaluating the state of the satellite and creating the data catalog in the CU9 coordination unit. Creator of the Miralcel dissemination project, he is a regular collaborator of the La República Santboiana program on Radio Sant Boi. He recently published the book "Cosmos: A Quick Immersion" in Tibidabo Ediciones.

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ICCUB-IEEC’s researcher Josep Manel Carrasco participates in the Science Space of the radio programme “La República Santboiana” of ràdio Sant Boi last Wednesday, April 20. In the programme, the astronomer talks about the furthest and oldest star known to humankind: Earendel. Its light began its journey when the Universe was merely 900 million years old.

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