Josep Manel Carrasco becomes a regular collaborator of the "Fet a Mida" television program

Josep Manel Carrasco (ICCUB) al Fet a Mida

The researcher of the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the UB, Josep Manel Carrasco, joins the team of the local television programme Fet a Mida with a fortnightly scientific dissemination section.

The astronomer is a researcher in the Gaia group at the ICCUB, where he works with the photometric and spectrometric calibration of the mission data. In this science space, he will talk to us about the mysteries of the stars and bring us up to date on the current topics of astronomy, space missions, discoveries...


Last Wednesday, September 14, he discussed about NASA’s Artemis program to bring humanity back to the moon, 60 years after the space race and the implications this mission may have for our society.

Stay tuned!



See the full participation here:

El programa Artemis a la Lluna (Fet a Mida, 14 Set 2022) from Miralcel on Vimeo.

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