Art and Astronomy: Interviewing Josep Manel Carrasco

Art i astronomia
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The ICCUB researcher talks about "Art and Astronomy" on the radio program La República Santboiana of Ràdio Sant Boi. 


The astronomer Josep Manel Carrasco talks about the representation of astronomy in art, especifically in paintings, throughout history in the radio program "La República Santboiana" of Ràdio Sant Boi.


He explains that astronomy has played a key role in civilization from the beginning of times, inspiring mankind in their artistic endeavours. One of the oldest known displays is supposedly dated from 15000 B.C. and it consists of some cave paitings depicting, perhaps, the Orion constellation and the Pleiades constellation.


He also recounts how, as humanity advanced, they kept on looking up at the sky and portraying the new scientific findings on their paintings, creating an artistic chronologic timeline of astronomical knowledge.


You can find the audio of the program on its website at "La República Santboiana"  and also at iVoox


About the author

Josep Manel Carrasco is a researcher of the Gaia group at the ICCUB, where he works with the photometric and spectrometric calibration of the mission's data, evaluating the state of the satellite and creating the data catalog in the CU9 coordination unit. Creator of the Miralcel dissemination project, he is a regular collaborator of the La República Santboiana program on Radio Sant Boi. He recently published the book "Cosmos: A Quick Immersion" in Tibidabo Ediciones.



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