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Since when does spacetime exist?

Licia Verde, ICREA-ICCUB

The cosmologist Licia Verde explains, in an article in the science section "Materia" of the newspaper El País, what is space-time and since when it exists. This article is included in the weekly Questions & Answers section "We respond", where women experts from the Women Researchers and Engineers Association answer questions from readers.

Read the whole article at Materia Ciencia


About the author

Licia Verde  is an ICREA professor since 2007, and belongs to the Cosmology and Large Scale Structure research group at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences. Cosmology is the field of astrophysics that studies the origin, evolution and composition of the universe. Her group focuses on finding explanations for some of the still unanswered questions of cosmology, such as what dark energy is, or what originated the universe’s primordial perturbations.


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