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Space mining: Interview to Josep Manel Carrasco

Interview to
Josep Manel Carrasco, ICCUB-IEEC

The astronomer Josep Manel Carrasco talks about space mining at the radio show of Ràdio Sant Boi "La República Santboiana"

Our astronomer comments on the recent statements made by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who claimed to not recognize the agreement on the Moon resources- which stipulates that all the knowledge and resources that are extracted from space belong to all humanity.  Josep Manel Carrasco tells us about the NASA's current plans and the Artemis mission, and also about the possible construction of a space station on the Moon. Carrasco explains that the exploitation of the lunar resources includes the search for certain minerals that are scarec in the Earth's crust, sucha as phosphorus, antimony, indium, copper silver, among others. Particularly, the case of a highly energetic helium isotope that cannot be found in our planet.

You can find the audio of the program on its website at "La República Santboiana" and also on iVoox.

About the author

Josep Manel Carrasco is a researcher of the Gaia group at the ICCUB, where he works with the photometric and spectrometric calibration of the mission's data, evaluating the state of the satellite and creating the data catalog in the CU9 coordination unit. Creator of the Miralcel dissemination project, he is a regular collaborator of the La República Santboiana program on Radio Sant Boi. He recently published the book "Cosmos: A Quick Immersion" in Tibidabo Ediciones.


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