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Cosmos: A fast immersion

Josep Manel Carrasco, ICCUB-IEEC

The astrophysicist José Manuel Carrasco presents his book "Cosmos: Una inmersión rápida" in the programme "La República Santboiana" by radio Sant Boi. With this book, you can learn all that you have always wanted to know about astronomy effortlessly.

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Earendel, l'estrella més antiga
Earendel, the oldest star

ICCUB-IEEC’s researcher Josep Manel Carrasco participates in the Science Space of the radio programme “La República Santboiana” of ràdio Sant Boi last Wednesday, April 20. In the programme, the astronomer talks about the furthest and oldest star known to humankind: Earendel. Its light began its journey when the Universe was merely 900 million years old.

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