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Cosmos. Una inmersión rápida

Ediciones Tibidabo
Text book
Josep Manel Carrasco, ICCUB-IEEC
180 pages
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Our astronomer Josep Manel Carrasco has published the book "Cosmos. Una immersió ràpida", by Tibidabo Ediciones. You can buy the book online clicking here.

You mustn't have previous knowledge to read this book because it talks about astronomy and cosmology for the beginning. It belongs to the collection "A fast dive", a rigorous and informative collection witch talks about current topics.

Can you imagine being able to immerse yourself in the immensity of Cosmos and understand what the planets, stars and galaxies are?

The Cosmos takes a lot longer there than any other living being. However, humans have achieved something unprecedented: to know our place in it, to discover aspects of their origin and to reveal the most distant places from the Universe. However, we live in an era in which all of these skills are progressing with giant steps. That is the reason because is difficult to stay up to date without a minimum base of knowledge. From the stars to the black holes, passing through the planets that revolve around other stars, the trip you are about to begin sums up what we know about the universe and will leave you wanting to know more.


About the author

Josep Manel Carrasco is a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Barcelona. He works in the development of the space mission Gaia, of the European Space Agency (ESA). Gaia is in charge of creating the most complete three-dimensional map of our galaxy, more than millions of stars, determining their positions, speeds and physical parameters.

It combines its research and teaching activity at the University of Barcelona with the scientific dissemination. He has participated in various activities related to the press, radio and television, offering conferences and courses to explain astronomy to the general public, at schools, astronomical institutes and groups.

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