The power of the quantum: A science to shape the future

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Adrián Pérez
Nit Europea Recerca 2020
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In recent years the word QUANTUM (quantum) has conquered a multitude of fields, from Marvel Science Fiction to dishwasher tablets. It is one of the great current topics in science. Why? What makes quantum so special? Is it useful or is it just for scientists? Can you see the effects of Quantum Mechanics in the real world? In this talk, we will explain what Quantum Mechanics is, how it works, and why it is so interesting. We will talk about the last first quantum revolution and how the world has changed, and also about the second quantum revolution, a new technological wave that will change our lives to the depths, and that is already happening. And it is that we want it or not, the future will be quantum.

This activity will be broadcast live. You can actively participate through the Zoom platform (register here before November 24 and get the link) or you can follow it on the YouTube channel, you will find it programmed in this link.

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