European Researcher's Night 2020

Nit Recerca 2020
Open to all

The European Researchers' Night is held every year on the last Friday of September in more than 300 cities in 30 countries across Europe. Its objective is to bring research, innovation and its protagonists, scientists, to the public in a simple and fun way. Thus, all types of public, from schools, families and children to young people or adults of all ages, will be able to know and be participants in the science of their territory through different activities such as workshops, talks, shows, experiments, astronomical observations and games.

Every year, this event is held on the last Friday in September, although its popularity causes it to last during the days before and on the weekend. This edition, but due to the exceptional situation we are experiencing and due to having the necessary preparation time required for this great event, will be postponed until November 27 and 28. Together we will meet researchers from the closest research centers, with whom you will discover how interesting are the different scientific disciplines that they will present to us and the research and innovation in which they work to improve our lives. All of them have prepared a lot of activities for you to experience science in a different way: fun, practical, simple and close.

You can check the program of activities on the European Researchers' Night website, Catalonia's node website,  or follow all the news on networks with the hashtag #NitRecerCat


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