Gemma Busquet at the Escola Pia Balmes: “The Solar System”

Gemma Busquet (ICCUB) a l'Escola Pia Balmes
Escola Pia Balmes

The astrophysicist from the Institute of Cosmos Sciences (ICCUB), Gemma Busquet, went to the School Escola Pia Balmes in Barcelona to give the outreach talk “The Solar System” to the fifth-grade class.

In this event, the children learnt a lot of interesting facts about the formation of the Solar System, of the Sun and of other stars and planetary Systems. The researcher works in the Stellar Formation research group of the Quantum Physics and Astrophysics department of the University of Barcelona, so she was able to tell the class, in a plain and fun way, the most recent theories on how starts and planetary systems are formed.