Gravitational waves and laser interferometer detection

Ones gravitacionals i detecció amb interferòmetre làser
Agrupació Astronòmica de Terrassa
Popularisation of Science
Pablo Barneo

ICCUB researcher Pablo Barneo gave the lecture "Gravitational waves and detection with laser interferometer" on September 6, within the framework of the XIII Conference on Relativity in Terrassa. The conferences are organized by the Terrassa Astronomical Association, and this year's edition was coordinated by the Vice President of the Association and also a researcher at ICCUB and ICREA professor Jordi Miralda.

Barneo is a member of the ICCUB research group on the Virgo gravitational wave detector. In the lecture, he explains what gravitational waves are and how they are detected. It also describes the worldwide network of laser interferometers, how they work, and how researchers analyze the data they obtain and catalog the results.

The Virgo gravitational wave detector is located in Italy, and is one of the two detectors of the international LIGO / Virgo collaboration. During this year, the collaboration has published the results and conclusions on objects detected in 2019.