Other astronomical applications

Here we show you other interesting astronomical applications: 


Dark Sky (Android) (iOS)

Take part in a worldwide citizen science project that measures star visibility and light pollution. Help create a database for research on health, environment and society by telling scientists which stars you can see at your location.


Catalogues Messier (Android)

It is a list of 110 astronomical objects compiled by French astronomer Charles Messier and originally published between 1774 and 1781. Its formal title is "Catalog of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars r, seen among the fixed stars on the horizon of Paris." This application allows you to check the features, location and visibility of each of the objects in the catalogue. It also contains real images, a search engine to make it easier and faster to the location of objects and night mode so you can use it on your observations (turned-off by the icon in the upper right corner). No need to be connected to the internet to use the application.


Asteroid Alert (Android)

This is a scientific application that simulates the solar system dynamics using the information provided by the NASA NEO Program. The Near-Earth objects and objects close to other planets will be reported in real-time. The advanced graphical interface allows you to monitor the orbits of celestial bodies as a function of the elapsed time.



Meteor Shower Calendar (Android)

Meteor Shower Calendar, will display a list of upcoming meteor showers and the approximate date in which they will peak with specific details on each.