"La Irrupció" exhibition with Andy Gracie at Arts Santa Mònica

Exposició “La Irrupció” amb Andy Gracie a Arts Santa Mònica
Andy Gracie
Host Institution
Open to all

Until August 21, 2022, you can visit the exhibition "La Irrupció" at the Arts Santa Mònica Centre. The exhibition counts with the participation of Andy Gracie, former resident artist at the Institute of Cosmos Sciences of the University of Barcelona (ICCUB) and his piece "The Ends of Everythings Triptych #1".

The artist developed his work during an art and science residency at the ICCUB where he was able to delve into a scientific and artistic exploration of the ends of a plurality of things in our Cosmos with a consulting team of astronomers, cosmologists and astrophysicists of the Institute.


Through locations, robotics, sound, video, light effects and biological practice, Andy Gracie places his work at the point of separation between art and science, where he creates situations of exchange that allow the development of new interpretations and systems of knowledge. A big part of the piece covers topics such as reactions and participation in deep time, eschatology and space research. Using scientific theory and practice, Gracie questions our relationship with exploration and experimentation and at the same time highlights the same relationship between art and science, and how new knowledge is culturally assimilated. Much of his work presents a constant involvement with semiotics, simulation theory and apocalyptic or posthuman scenarios.

Gracie's work has been exhibited widely and internationally in solo and group exhibitions and has been presented at conferences and seminars around the world. Gracie has also published several articles and papers.

When? Until August 21, 2022

Where? Santa Monica Arts Center

Free entrance

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